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Косівський ліцей №1 імені Ярослава Мудрого Косівської районної ради Івано-Франківської області

12.03 - 27.03

Дата: 12.03.2020 09:26
Кількість переглядів: 59

Завдання із англійської  мови (вчитель Чекурак Л.В.)


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Домашнє завдання



1. Повторити слова з Unit 11 і прийменники, виписати і перекласти слова до ст 95.

2. S.B. СТ. 92-93 (читати, перекладати, виконати вправи всі окрім listening)/

3. W.B. до ст. 95 заповнити.

4. Тема My friendsопрацювати і вивчити 12 речень.

My Friends

?  There is a good English proverb: tastes differ.

?  We can say this about people, too.

?  People differ, and everybody can find a friend.

?  It’s very important to have friends.

?  They make our lives happier and more interesting.

?  And they help us when we are in trouble.

?  I’ve got a lot of friends.

?  They are all different, and we have different things in common.

?  Alex is clever, serious and hardworking.

?  He is crazy about chess, and I like chess, too.

?  So we are good friends, but when we play against each other, we try to win.

?  After the game we are friends again.

?  Mike is older than me but he treats me like his peer.

?  He also likes chess, but he is a weak player.

?  I help him to understand the game better.

?  He is also good at Maths.

?  Sometimes he helps me with difficult Maths problems.

?  I usually spend one or two hours surfing the Internet.

?  When we call each other on Skype we can not only hear but also see each other.

?  Life is impossible without good friends.

?  There is a good English proverb: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

?  I am very happy to have true friends.

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